BUSINESS coaching

“Wow, this is a good question!” – says my client. This is my favourite moment. The coaching studies call it a “waouh-experience,” but me I call it “A CLICK” when new window opens and reveals hidden knowledges, thoughts, and answers.

I do not provide ready answers, but act as a catalyst in this solution-finding process. I know asking the right questions. I know watching you. I know listening you. I know how to see a problem in a global way. I am present and holding a mirror: I help you to make sure you are really doing what you want.

Leadership development – Individual coaching

In individual coaching I’m working mainly with experienced leaders who would like to “breath” again, and get free of the daily operational activities.
At the same time I help new managers to succeed in their new missions and assume their role as managers.

The main subjects of an individual coaching:

  • Self-knowledge, state of mind
  • Key competencies, skills, roles, management style
  • Manage, motivate and develop your employees:
    • building the relationship of trust
    • giving recognition and feedback
    • taking decisions
    • delegation
    • managing of conflicts
    • communication

Team development – Team coaching

Development of “homogeneous” team composed by managers working in the same field:

  • integration of new members in an existing team: coordination of the work of existing and new members
  • managing various conflicts within the team
  • set commmon goals
  • best practise sharing

Development of “heterogeneous” team composed by managers from different areas of expertise:

  • strengthening of the collaboration
  • development of a holistic approach in order to understand the business processes of the organisation
  • development of the communication




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