Because “we don’t speak the same language”…

International, intercultural, multicultural, multinational… Words which are now part of our everyday lives and today considered essential in the business management. But it is not only the impact of globalization, or international organisations, but rather the need to open up to different cultures, different social customs, new standards, and the ability to understand and adapt to them. This new approach affects all actors of the modern business.

The intercultural coaching is a more creative approach to the traditional coaching, with a deeper impact on the result of the coaching process.

The goal of the intercultural coaching process is to better understand and accept

  • new standards, new types of social functioning, habits and their effects
  • the necessary change
  • the ongoing competitive situation
  • your relationship to your own personality
  • adaptation to the hierarchy
  • your relationship with your staff and the environment
  • different ways of thinking and attitudes
  • complex communication methods

all of these obstacles can be difficult even within the same culture, but much more difficult in situations involving people from different or other cultures, requiring different attitudes and ways of thinking.

What kind of problems you can solve with the help of the intercultural coaching?

if you

  • would like to understand and adapt to the changed cultural and social habits
  • work in a team with a diverse cultural background
  • work in another country
  • work in an international team
  • work for a subsidiary of a foreign company

And / or

  • you are facing new tasks, new challenges
  • you need a change in your everyday routine, operation
  • you have obstacles in your work
  • you have conflicts with your collegues
  • you have decision-making problems and dilemmas
  • you have communication problems
  • you meet difficulties in your leadership responsibilities

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