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TARAZED star is clearly visible to the naked eye. It is located discreetly next to one of the brightest stars in the summer sky: it accompanies, supports and strengthens the glowing Altair, which belongs to the same constellation Eagle.

Coach and consultant, my mission is to stand by you, accompany you in your challenges, support and strengthen you on the path to change, and help you find answers to your questions.

Be a shining star, your TARAZED is by your side!


Continue to grow your business?
Looking for the balance between professional and private life?
Your SME reaches the ‘critical size’: organizational culture change?
The micromanagement of your business is taking your time and energy?
Office and / or home office? How to find the balance?

The intercultural coaching is a more creative approach to the traditional coaching, with a deeper impact on the result of the coaching process.


Reivent your retail business?
A more motivated and committed team?
Even better results?
Retail expansion?
New stores opening?
Entering a new market?
Franchise cooperation?

Retail coaching is a complex service for retail and commercial companies, to increase the emotional intelligence of the employees in order to improve the results of a retail organization. Retail coaching for the organization’s results and for the personal development of the employees.


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