Development of the organizational and managarial culture

The organizational culture (conscious or spontaneous) is an internal “compass” in the life of the company, which provides points of references for accepted, supported or rejected behaviors. A common system of symbols through which the members of a given culture interact and organize the life of the community (e.g. decision-making mechanisms, conflict management, problem-solving processes, collaborations, the climate of trust, and lot of internal standards of behaviors, etc).

The culture is the secret engine that determines the efficient and succesful operation of the company.

The main points of the development of the organizational and managerial culture:

  • 360 degree audit of the general operation and the organizational culture
  • defintion of the vision, the mission and the values of the company
  • common definition of the culture necessary to reach the strategic goals
  • awake the organizational culture: human aspects of the organizational development and the change management

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