Venczel Judit
business coach, mediator, consultant

Strong intercultural experience with international studies, and more than twenty years of leadership background. My multicultural senior management experience is based on French company culture and regional cooperations in Central and Eastern Europe. I am one of the few coaches who became certified coach also in Hungary and in France.

Graduated in linguistics and literature I had been a teacher at the start of my career, but quickly turned my attention to the world of business. I developed my experience in multicultural management, particularly between French corporate culture and the business cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. For 20 years, I implanted a French retail brand in Hungary, transposed the brand’s values and principles for building, boosting and developing the activity of the Hungarian subsidiary through its various branches. As a business leader my activities focused on developing the employees and the business, managing and optimising the changes required by the continued growth.

I continually developed my skills by completing my practical business expertises with theoretical economic knowledges, and I obtained executive business coach qualifications in Budapest and also in Paris. In 2024 I obtained the mediator certificate.

Since 2020, I am working as a business coach, mentor and organisational, leadership and management development consultant.

In my work I rely not only my knowledges and datas, but also on my own intuitions, feelings and experiences. My holistic vision enables me to understand the context and quickly recognize the issues and levers. I am recognised by my clients and partners for my ability to develop an exhaustive understanding of the organisational operation, included the internal dynamics of human relationships and the culture. As a result I am able to perceive and detect emerging problems and to create a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of human and organisational functioning. I can precisely identifies the areas where improvements are needed and those where significant improvements can be made.

My studies:

  • Executive coaching, HEC Paris
  • Business coaching – Budapest, Hungary
  • Mediator, KEMI Budapest
  • Modern Business Studies, Budapest
  • Interior designer, Budapest
  • Teacher qualification
  • Literature and Theater Studies, Budapest
  • French Culture Studies, Paris


Fluent Hungarian, French and English

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